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Vegans can also get required amounts of zinc by eating these foods


Posted on : 04/May/2021 9:01:00 AM

Micronutrient zinc plays an important role in the fast healing of wounds, prevents inflammation plus helps in smooth functioning of immune cells. Truth is that eggs, meat and dairy products have good amounts of zinc in them. Vegans do not eat these above said foods and are deficient in zinc. Various zinc deficiencies are weight loss, reduced sense of smell and taste, reduced appetite, frequent diarrhoea etc.

Vegans could also get required amounts of zinc by consuming these zinc rich foods. Various foods are

By intake of watermelon seeds:
We all know the fact that watermelons are good for their hydrating qualities but not many know about their seeds. It is important to mention here that watermelon seeds have potassium, copper and zinc in them. These seeds could either be consumed as snacks after frying them or could be added to salad.

By intake of berries:
We could avoid zinc deficiency in us by consuming berries like strawberries, raspberries etc. These berries are rich in fibres plus in antioxidants etc.

By intake of spinach:
It must be noted that green vegetables are rich in zinc and they are good for your health. It is said that we must eat spinach that has plenty of zinc.

By intake of nuts:
Whether we are on a special diet or not, intake of nuts would be superb for us. It is true that nuts like walnuts, almonds, peanuts and cashews etc are not only good energy sources but also have ample amounts of zinc.

By intake of potatoes:
When compared to other vegetables, regular potatoes and sweet potatoes have high amounts of zinc in them is known fact. They also have others like fibres, potassium, vitamin C etc in them.

By intake of chickpeas:
It is possible to get the required amounts of zinc if we eat chickpeas. Point is that 100gms of chickpeas have 1.53mg of zinc. These chickpeas are also full of proteins and it is good for our health.

By intake of whole grains:
Whole grains like wheat, rice, quinoa and oats are rich in zinc. Truth is that these grains can be incorporated into a variety of dishes depending on the taste.