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By these, say goodbye to the digestive issues when you are working from home


Posted on : 12/Apr/2021 5:40:17 PM

Working from home or WFH is not as easy as many think!!

The working professionals have been facing both physical as well as mental based issues in the last one year and this has been due to the Covid-19 infection. People have ended up working for a long duration of time at home without taking sufficient breaks in this pandemic situation.

It is true that working from home for continuous hours would result in untimely consumption of food, sitting in the wrong posture while working etc. Many in this WFH have been facing digestive based issues due to the combination of extreme stress and erratic eating habits  

For those who work from home, here are few tips to keep digestive issues at bay and to be healthy.

By exercising enough:
This is one important way by which a person working from home would be able to avoid digestive issues. It is important to exercise by taking mini breaks between the work hours and we could do few squats and lunges etc. Pranayama is also one superb that would keep us healthy. Persons must maintain an active lifestyle and this would prevent them from getting heart burns, bloating etc.

By doing vajrasana:
Gas from our system would be reduced by this superb method. Also called thunderbolt pose, vajrasana would improve the blood flow to the digestive organs. Our thighs, ankles, knees and feet would get stretched by this yogasana.

By avoiding alcohol:
Nor many know that intake of alcohol would increase heartburn and leads to burning in the chest. Liver and pancreas etc would get damaged by alcohol intake.

By reducing intake of coffee or tea:
Many of us have the habit of drinking excess coffee and tea every day. Point is that it is not good to drink coffee or tea (having caffeine)in excess. Drinking 2 cups per day is good for your health.

By eating diet rich in fibre content:
Our digestion would be better if we consume adequate amounts of fibres. We would be free from many chronic ailments. Issues like constipation etc could be avoided by the intake of fibre rich foods. It is said that we must consume fruits and leafy green vegetables every day.

By maintaining proper sleep schedule:
While working from home we might forget to maintain a sleeping schedule. Point is that we must make sure that we sleep for 6 to 8 hours a day. This would prevent us from getting digestive issues.