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Parents must know about these signs of eating disorders of their kids compulsorily


Posted on : 12/Apr/2021 9:26:15 AM

Healthy eating is very important and it would prevent several types of chronic as well as metabolic diseases in life. It is the duty of every parent to instil healthy heating in their kids. Truth is that teaching kids about food in a positive manner is not that easy and it is highly challenging. Many kids develop eating disorders in their lives due to this reason. Point to be noted is that in the USA alone 10 million men and 20 million women have or had eating disorders in them. Eating disorders in kids could be due to factors such as genetics, brain biology, personal traits, cultural ideals etc

There are several kinds of eating disorders like anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, pica etc that would create issues to the kid and a parent must watch out for these signs of eating disorders in their kids.

Various signs of eating disorders in kids are

Drastic weight loss:
It is common that girls develop an eating disorder to lose weight. Point is that if the kids eat properly their weight would remain the same and would gain weight along with height. When they lose their weights instead of gaining, then eating disorders might be the reason.

Skipping meals in homes:
It is revealed that eating disorders could be of any type. Some kids binge whereas others skip their meals. Parents must watch out for any unusual eating patterns in their kids. It is essential that a parent must pay attention when their kid prefers to eat outside or take the food into their rooms and avoid eating together with the family etc.

Engaging in excess physical activity:
It is believed that eating disorders and exercising go hand in hand. Doing exercises is good for the health but kids with bulimia exercises compulsively. Point is that in bulimia kids overeat and compensate by over exercising.

Commenting about their body shape:
Parents must take note when their kids stand before the mirror and complain about their look. This is more common in the teen aged boys and girls. These kids would be avoiding social gatherings etc. It is said that parents must take necessary steps to control their kids when it becomes too much and when it shows in their eating behaviour.

Restricting foods excessively:
It is worthy to note that kids trying new diets, counting calories, restricting foods, and taking too much interest in cooking are some patterns of eating disorders.