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Do you get fever at the night time only but waking up without fever- Here are the reasons


Posted on : 10/Apr/2021 9:56:29 AM

Getting fever at the night time only but waking up in the mornings without fever!! 

The reason for the fever during the night time is a matter of concern. Point is that we might be hale and healthy in the mornings, afternoons and in the evenings and we might get fever during the night times only. With fever in the nights, you would not be able to sleep well and the body would not get the required amount of rest for 6 to 8hours. We would get frustrated and irritated. Checking on the symptoms first is very important if you get fever at night time. Various symptoms of fever at the night time are loss of appetite, irritability, weakness, dehydration etc.

The fever at the night time could be due to these reasons, please be careful

External pyrogens:

The fever present at the night time only could be due to pyrogens that would go from outside to inside the body. They generate toxins that would be harmful for the health. It must be taken into note that inside the body pyrogens are produced due to monocytes and macrophages etc. We could get feverish conditions when the external pyrogens enter the body, inducing the body to generate its own pyrogens.

Upper respiratory tract infections:

It is true that the common cold could also be responsible for the fever during the night time. Infection of larynx, bronchi or trachea could lead to major respiratory infections and then to night fevers.

Urinary tract infections:

It is mentioned that a sharp pain in the urinary tract along with presence of toxins can also result in the fever at night time. It is essential to consult a doctor if you get UTI.

Presence of skin infections:

Most of us would not associate the fever at the night times with skin infections. The truth is skin infections could also lead to night fevers. Major skin infections that might be bothering us persistently need to be treated.

Allergic inflammations:

Some medicines when taken by us could lead to allergic reactions and there would be inflammation. This could also lead to fever during the nights.

Infection by fungi/bacteria:

Infective endocarditis, tuberculosis and other occult long term infections could lead to fever in the nights. So, please take care.

Disorders of connective tissue:

Various examples of connective tissue disorders are rheumatoid arthritis, giant cell arteritis, dermatomyositis etc. These can also create night time fevers in us.