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Married couples with huge age difference between them would face these issues in their lives


Posted on : 07/Apr/2021 9:31:19 AM

A life partner is needed for our lives to be complete and we all marry at some point of time in our lives. Not all married couples would have normal small age differences between them and there are times when the married couples might even have huge age differences also in them. 

Bitter truth is that society, families and friends do not provide their support when 2 persons of huge age difference get married. Even though the couples with huge age differences are united and strong against the societys disapproving looks, they are forced to submit to the traditions etc.

A married couple with a huge age gap between them could face many issues in life.

Society always criticise:
It is true that the society around us would not accept married couples with huge age gaps and they pass judgements. The decisions of the married couple would be criticized by the society. There are possibilities that society would not spare even their parents.

Putting blame on the huge age gap:
There would be times when the married couple (of huge age gap) have some arguments and misunderstandings in their lives. Society would put blame on their age gap as the reason for their misunderstandings. Truth is that society wants something to criticize the married couple having a huge age gap.

Compatibility based problems:
It must be noted that when 2 persons of huge age gaps marry then there would be some compatibility issues between them. The thoughts and views of them might be different and it could lead to arguments etc. Point is that they might have different priorities and it might not go down well with each other.

Decision about having kids:
It is natural that married couples of a huge age gap would also think about having kids. Point to be noted is that having kids would become an issue in married couples with huge age gaps. Truth is that one person might not be interested in having kids whereas the other would be keen to have kids. This might create a big issue in their married life.

Sexual compatibility:
Here, the elder partner might not be interested to have sex with the younger partner and it could be due to decrease in the sexual desire etc.  In such cases, the younger partner might even look to find intimacy from some other person. The married couples might also drift apart due to sexual dissatisfaction.