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Never consume these calcium rich foods in excess as they could create many health issues


Posted on : 06/Mar/2021 9:29:33 AM

Calcium is very important for the health of our bones is well known but when consumed in excess it could lead to health issues in us. The amount of calcium that is required varies with the age of a person. Point is that people of different ages would need different levels of calcium.

Hypercalcaemia is a condition that marks the high levels of calcium in our body. This condition could be due to various reasons like dehydration, excess intake of calcium rich foods, hyperthyroidism etc.  It must be taken into account that some medications that we take could also increase the calcium levels in us. It is therefore necessary to consult a doctor before having these medications

Symptoms of excess calcium in us:

Those who have excess calcium in them would show various symptoms such as fatigue, muscle cramps, pain in the bones, nausea etc. This hypercalcaemia is very dangerous and it might then cause many health issues like kidney failure, kidney stones, dementia, confusion etc.

Sometimes, we might eat foods rich in calcium content in excess amounts and this could lead to many problems in us.

Various calcium rich foods that we must not consume in excess are

It is true that cheese is a superb source of calcium and if they are consumed in excess then it might result in weight gain. So, be careful.

By consuming spinach that is rich in calcium, we could get many health benefits. It is brought out that the presence of oxalate in spinach could result in the formation of kidney stones in us.

Truth is that by eating calcium rich foods like nuts in excess we could put on weight as it would increase the calories in us.

Calcium, protein and fibres are present in beans is well known. If consumed in excess then we could have unhealthy fattening of stomach and weight gain. Please take care.

Soy milk:
Vegans mostly prefer this soy milk which is a fortified drink. This calcium rich milk has also got isoflavones and by consuming in excess we might get fertility based issues.