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If you show these signs, then the common cold that you have is a serious issue and not to be taken casually


Posted on : 04/Mar/2021 9:25:36 AM

Sometimes, our upper respiratory tract would get affected and we could have a runny nose, sore throat etc. These are due to the viral infection called common cold or cold. Fact is that the signs of cold would appear less than 2 days after getting exposed to the virus. Usually, this common cold would be mild and there is no need to bother much as it would go away inside 2 weeks.

In a few cases, the symptoms of cold might be there for more than a week and it might get worse also. In that case, it is important that we must consult a doctor, get it diagnosed and we must also take proper treatment to be free from the issue.

These signs reveal that the common cold you have might be something more serious. Please take care

High fever and bedridden:
It must be noted that those who have a common cold might also get fever also and there is nothing to worry. In some persons, cold would lead to high fever and he or she would be bedridden also. In those circumstances a doctor must be consulted immediately.

Phlegm is coloured:
It is common that our saliva would get thickened when we have a cold issue but sometimes phlegm might be coloured. This is not just a cold but more than that.

Gastrointestinal or GI issues:
There are also chances that common cold could be accompanied by gastrointestinal issues like diarrhoea, nausea, pain in abdomen etc. then we must not ignore it and doctors must be consulted. Truth is that these above said issues belong to the flu.

Chest pain and breathing difficulties:
The common cold must not be taken lightly if we have breathing difficulties and serious chest pain. So, please take care.

Persistent pain in specific areas:
The common cold might be a serious one if there is persisting pain in certain specific areas in us. In those circumstances, the reasons for the pain would not be understood clearly. It is important to consult a doctor.

Unexplained weight loss:
When common cold is accompanied by loss in weight, then it must not be treated lightly. This might indicate other complications.