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Dont eat almonds in excess amounts- It would create these health issues


Posted on : 03/Mar/2021 9:53:32 AM

Mostly found in Iran and its surrounding nations, almond belongs to the family Rosaceae. It is a deciduous tree that grows to a height of 4 m to 10m and to a trunk of 30cm in diameter. Almond tree is peculiar due to the fact that its young twigs are green in colour and they turn purplish when exposed to the sunlight. Many of us eat almonds as they would provide us with lots of health benefits. There are some who eat almonds in excess. It is true that eating almonds in excess could harm your health.

Side effects of eating almonds in excess amounts are

Digestive issues:

We could get various issues like constipation, bloating and stomach upset etc if we eat excess almonds. Since our body is not used to excess fibre content present in almonds we get these issues.  It is important to mention that when we consume excess almonds we must also drink excess water so that the side effect would get eliminated.

Vitamin E overdose:

Our daily requirement of vitamin E is just 15 and by intake of excess almonds or half cup or 100mg then it could lead to issues. When eaten in excess it is important to supplement with other sources of vitamins like eggs etc and if not supplemented then we might get diarrhoea, blurred vision etc.

Weight increase:

Almonds are rich in fats and in calories are well known. The truth is that 100 gms of almonds intake would provide us with 50gms of fats that is mono-saturated and healthy for our heart. If we lead a sedentary lifestyle then we would not be burning calories that we get by intake of almonds. This could result in deposition of fat in the body.

Kidney stones issue:

Another important side effect of eating too much almonds is that we could get kidney stones in us. It is known that kidney stones are formed when we have high levels of calcium oxalate in our body and do not get secreted. Almonds are rich in oxalate content and by eating too much almonds we could get kidney stones. It is worthy to mention that those persons who are prone to kidney issues must eat almonds in moderate amounts only.

Allergies, rashes etc:

Eating plenty of almonds could lead to allergies, rashes etc in us. In some persons, almonds in excess could lead to inflammation. So, please be careful.