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Please try these natural ways to boost your serotonin hormone levels


Posted on : 26/Feb/2021 9:27:25 AM

Key hormone that not only affects the brain but also the total body is serotonin. This neuro - transmitter in the brain plays a huge role in the regulation of the mood. Truth is that many of us do not know about this and hence do not know the importance of this serotonin. It is worthy to mention that our body produced happy and sad hormones and these decide our mood as well as our behaviour. Our mood, happiness and anxiety are regulated by serotonin and decrease in this hormone would lead to mental illness in us.

In addition to this, our cognition, memory power and learning abilities are also based on the serotonin levels. It is true that extreme high or low levels of this hormone are not good for health and a balance is very important. We would be able to stay calm, relaxed and happy if the serotonin levels in us are normal. Decreased serotonin levels could lead to behavioural disorders in us.

There are few ways by which we could boost our serotonin levels naturally. These are

By exercising:
Tryptophan gets released in the blood when we exercise. It is believed that by doing aerobics etc we could achieve this. By working out regularly, happy hormones are generated in the brain and this would help the brain to function smoothly.  It is also good to do swimming, jogging etc to boost the serotonin levels.

By exposing to sunlight:
It is believed that bright sunlight would boost the serotonin levels in us. By this, we would feel happy and relaxed. For the serotonin levels in us to be normal, it is essential that we must spend atleast half an hour under the sun.

By deep tissue massaging:
Our stress would get released and we would be able to calm down by deep tissue massaging. Truth is atleast 20 minutes of deep tissue massage could help us to get rid of stress and anxiety. Serotonin is produced and our mood would get light.

By eating certain foods:
Through food we might not be able to get serotonin directly but tryptophan rich foods would increase the happy hormones levels in us. Foods such as brown rice, milk, cheese, oatmeal etc would help us to have normal serotonin levels.

By meditation:
For the healthy mind, meditation along with breathing exercises is important. Our nerves would get calmed down and relaxed. Serotonin levels get increased.