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Women gaining weight after crossing 40 years of age can be due to these reasons


Posted on : 24/Feb/2021 9:29:05 AM

Many women after they reach 40 gain weight and find it very difficult. The truth is reducing this excess weight can be easy if they know the correct reason for the increase in the weights.

Poor eating coupled with lifestyle habits could lead to more weight. There are also some medical related and age related reasons for weight increase in women after they touch the age of 40. Not only would they gain weight after 40 but also they could get various health issues like fatigue, issues in pregnancy, arthritis, high BP, osteoporosis issues etc.

Reasons for the weight gain in woman above 40 are

Intake of more sugary foods:
This is one important reason for the weight gain in women above the age of 40. Taking sugary items once a while is ok but not frequently. The weight gain could be due to the body cells becoming resistant to insulin. There are more chances for the women above 40 to get type-2 diabetes also.

Low progesterone levels:
It is known that many enzymes in the body perform various functions and any increase or decrease could lead to one issue or the other. Low progesterone levels could increase the weight in an indirect manner. This could also result in bloating and water retention etc.

At age of 40 and above the stress of a woman increases due to the family issues or due to other issues etc. This stress could make her put on weight.

Feeling hungry and eating more food:
After a woman crosses 40, she might feel very hungry due to menopause etc. She would eat more than the normal and this would increase her weight. It is known that menopause could also bring mood changes and other hormonal issues etc.

Unhealthy eating habits:
It is said that eating foods at odd hours or skipping food due to over work or due to stress etc could also lead to weight gain in a woman after 40. This unhealthy eating habit is dangerous not only to the women above 40 but also to others. It is good to make a timetable and stick to that.