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Please be careful about these side effects of drinking water immediately after eating fruits


Posted on : 23/Feb/2021 9:29:16 AM

Many of us would have been drinking water right after consuming fruits isnt it!!

The shocking piece of information is that this would harm our health. Truth is that the fruits are highly nutritious and are loaded with vitamins and minerals etc but the absorption of these fruits depends on certain factors. The time when we consume the fruits plays a huge role in its absorption. Lots of rime is normally needed for the fruits to be absorbed and if we drink water immediately after eating fruits then it might obstruct the digestion and could result in health issues.

These are the side effects of drinking water immediately after eating fruits.

Leads to Acidity:
The proper functioning of digestive juices and enzymes would get interrupted by drinking water right after eating fruits. This would lead to acidity issues and then to heartburns etc. So please be careful.

Leads to indigestion:
Drinking water immediately after eating any fruit could lead to indigestion or acid reflux. It is revealed that consuming water could slow down the entire absorption of essential nutrients from the fruits. This would be highly uncomfortable.

Leads to high blood sugar levels:
It must be noted that indigestion could lead to increase in the blood sugar and insulin levels of a person. If a person keeps on drinking water immediately after eating fruits then he or she might get diabetes or become overweight also.

Leads to stomach cramps:
We could get severe painful stomach cramps if we eat fructose and yeast from the fruit mixed with water. This would then lead to formation of gas and the intensity of the cramps would become more

Disrupts the pH levels:
The pH levels of the digestive system would get disrupted if we drink water after eating fruits that are rich in water content like water melons, muskmelons, cucumber etc.