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Consuming celery juice would be superb for our health because of these reasons


Posted on : 20/Feb/2021 9:33:59 AM

A biennial plant belonging to family Apiaceae, celery is a marshland plant. It is known that celery is used in many salads and as a garnish in a variety of dishes. The celery juice has got vitamins A, C and K plus others like magnesium, calcium, phosphorus etc.  It has also got fibres, low sugars etc.

The celery juice is preferred by many these days because of the many health benefits it provided us.

Various health benefits of intake of this juice are

Treats insomnia:
The work pressure, health issues, financial issues plus other issues have led to lack of sleep. It is believed that by drinking celery juice a person would get superb sleep in the nights. The magnesium present in celery juice plays an important role here.

Rich in antioxidants:
Celery juice has antioxidants like caffeic acid, p-coumaric acid, ferulic acid etc. These help in the reduction of inflammation in us.

Good for skin health:
The essential nutrients like folates plus others like vitamins A, B, C and K are good for the health of our skin. WE could get flawless and clear skin by consuming this amazing juice. Our skin would get nourished. 

Promotes weight loss:
Many of us would have been trying various ways to get rid of excess weight. The superb information is that by drinking celery juice we could lose our excess weight. It is revealed that low sugars and fibre content in this juice helps in weight loss. Intake of celery juice would make us feel full and we would avoid over eating.

Good for hair health:
We would be able to keep our hairs strong and healthy by drinking celery juice rich in nutrients. Our hair quality would get better plus dryness would be avoided by drinking this juice. Truth is that the presence of vitamin A in the celery juice would treat the issue of dandruff and nourishes the hair roots.

Good for digestion:
By restoring hydrochloric acid, the celery juice would help in faster digestion of foods. Foods like proteins get broken down by the rise of stomach acid. This juice could heal and activate our gut. We would be free from issues like bloating, constipation, puffiness etc.

Reduces cholesterol levels:
The presence of cholesterol in us could lead to heart issues is known fact. The presence of a compound 3 n butylphthalide in celery juice would reduce bad cholesterol levels in us.

Lowers BP:
Intake of celery juice would reduce blood pressure or BP in us. This would be done by acting as a smooth muscle relaxant and by improving the flow of potassium in the cells and by allowing the blood vessels to expand and contact easily.

Good for the liver:
Liver is an important organ in us. It has been shown by research studies that celery would reduce the fat build up in the liver. Point is that the nutrients in celery juice would protect the liver. It would make the liver produce enzymes and these enzymes would flush out fats and toxins etc from the body.