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Never eat these wrong combinations of foods, they would cause many issues


Posted on : 19/Feb/2021 9:24:52 AM

What we eat, how we eat and when we eat is very important and based on that the foods we eat could either be our friend or our enemy. It is worthy to mention that the science of food and eating stresses the importance of the right or correct way of eating. Not all food combinations are good for us.

There are certain food combinations that we must not eat because these combinations can create issues in us.

Various food combinations we must avoid are

Avoid combination of honey and ghee:
It is said that honey with the property of heat and ghee with the property of cold should not be combined together. Not many are aware of the fact that honey when heated and mixed with ghee would produce HMF or hydroxymethyl furfuraldehyde that could lead to adverse effects in us.

Avoid combination of radish and honey:
Toxic compounds are formed when radish is mixed with honey. These could lead to many digestive issues in us.

Avoid combination of milk and melons:
Milk is laxative and melon is diuretic and these foods must never be combined. It must be noted that milk needs more time for digestion and the acid in the stomach required to digest melon causes milk to curdle.

Avoid combination of milk and banana:
It is believed that by consuming the combination of milk and banana could diminish the Agni or fire that plays an important role in digestion and metabolism.

Avoid combination of milk and raw egg:
Never eat uncooked or raw egg in combination with milk as it could lead to bacterial infection plus issues like biotin deficiency, food poisoning etc. It is important that those who are in the muscle building process must take note of this.

Avoid combination of liquids with solids:
Truth is that no liquids must be taken along with solids as per Ayurvedic law. The digestion would get hindered as the liquids pass into the intestines and they would take the digestive enzymes along with it.

Avoid combination of meat and potato:
This combination of eating meat with potato must be avoided as the animal protein when consumed with carbohydrate then the digestive juices would neutralise the effectiveness of both the foods. By eating this combination, we could get flatulence and gas because protein would putrefy and carbohydrate would ferment. Important information is that this is one incompatible food combination that we must avoid compulsorily.