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Pregnant woman must avoid these foods for the sake of their babys health and well being


Posted on : 18/Feb/2021 9:27:55 AM

The pregnant woman must follow a healthy diet and hydration is a known fact. Many pregnant women get food cravings in their first trimester and they find it difficult to control. Pregnant women would become restless as they would have an undeniable urge to eat something. There is a tendency to eat spicy foods and foods that are sweet to taste. Certain foods could cause harm to the pregnant mother and their babies and they must avoid such types of foods.

Various foods that a pregnant woman must avoid are

Avoid intake of raw eggs:
A pregnant woman could get issues like fever, nausea, vomiting etc if they consume raw eggs. Truth is that intake of raw eggs would make a woman consume Salmonella bacteria that could lead to the above said issues. There are also possibilities of pregnant women getting cramps in her uterus by consuming the bacteria and it would result in premature birth or stillbirth of babies.

Avoid intake of caffeine:
If you are pregnant and if you are a coffee or tea lover then this piece of information could disappoint you.  It is said that intake of these caffeinated beverages could get quickly absorbed and could pass into placenta also. By this, the foetal growth could get restricted and the baby could be born with low weight.

Avoid intake of raw sprouts:
A pregnant woman might get delivery complications if she consumes raw sprouts like alfalfa, radish, clover etc. It has been revealed that bacteria like Salmonella, E. coli etc could get into the seeds of sprouts through cracks in the shell and these bacteria could then lead to delivery complications.

Avoid intake of undercooked or raw fish:
A pregnant woman could get viral, bacterial or parasitic infections if she eats raw fish like shellfish etc. These could lead to dehydration and weakness in the pregnant woman. So, take care.

Avoid mercury rich fish:
The brain of the baby would get harmed if a pregnant woman consumes mercury rich fishes such as mackerel anchovies, flounder, cod etc. The pregnant women are advised to have control over the intake of sea foods and must just have lean meats that are full of proteins.

Avoid unpasteurised dairy products:
The baby would have life threatening issues if a pregnant mother consumes raw milk, unpasteurised cheese and other various unpasteurised dairy products. Hence the pregnant women are advised to eat pasteurised dairy products as it would reduce the risk of getting infections.