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Ways by which various parts of your body would get affected due to high blood sugar levels or diabetes


Posted on : 17/Feb/2021 10:07:31 AM

In some persons, blood sugar levels increase beyond normal and this condition is termed as diabetes. Various types of diabetes are gestational diabetes, type-1 diabetes, type-2 diabetes etc. this issue has become very common these days due to many reasons like stress, overweight, family history, sedentary lifestyle etc.

Persons with diabetes would show symptoms like frequent urination, weight loss, dry mouth, fatigue, numbness in feet etc. Not only diabetes affects the bloodstream but also it would affect other important organs in us. It is important that diabetes must be controlled for our lives to be normal.

High blood sugar levels or diabetes could affect various organs in these ways so please take care.

Skin gets affected:

Damaged blood vessels could lead to most skin problems in the diabetic patients. Persons with diabetes would have skin pigmentation and there would be dark patches around hands and legs. These are clear signs of diabetes in us. The skin patches would not be painful or itchy etc but can be noticed easily.

Heart gets affected:

The risk of getting heart disease is more if a person has a diabetes issue. Truth is that cardiovascular health would get affected by high blood sugar levels. It is shocking to note that the diabetic persons are more prone to get heart attacks.

Feet get affected:

There would be numbness or tingling sensation in the feet due to nerve damage. This is one sure sign of diabetes. Those with diabetes would have poor blood circulation as diabetes hardens the blood vessels. It is important to consult a doctor and not to ignore frequent numbness.

Eyes get affected:

Point is that diabetes could lead to poor eyesight and sometimes in extreme cases it could lead to vision loss too. So, please be careful. Those with high blood sugar levels could get affected by eye diseases easily.  Fact is that blood vessels present in the retina could get damaged by diabetes

Kidneys get affected:

It is true that kidneys are the most affected part if we have high blood sugar or diabetes in us. Kidneys might stop functioning and in that case dialysis or kidney transplant would provide the solution.