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Do you know about these dinner habits that might lead to health issues and reduce your lifespan?


Posted on : 28/Jan/2021 9:51:56 AM

In the night, our physical activities come down. It is important that we must have a light dinner for the digestion to be good. Light dinner would also promote good sleep in the night time.

Many eat light dinner but forget other important rules. It is said that certain common dinner habits might reduce our lifespan or longevity.

Various dinner habits that might reduce our lifespan are

Habit of having cocktail before dinner:

Many have the habit of consuming cocktails before dinner without knowing the side effects it might create in the long run. We might think that it would be perfect unwind for the day by consuming cocktails but it might stimulate appetite. This is termed as aperitif effect.

Habit of not drinking water before dinner:

Being dehydrated could lead to many issues like headaches, constipation, fatigue etc. In addition, it could lead to poor digestion and weight gain too. By drinking water before dinner, we might consume less calories and this would help us to maintain a healthy weight.

Habit of microwaving food in plastic:

It is believed that we might consume a lot of unhealthy chemicals when we wrap food in plastic or keep it in a plastic container before we microwave. Point is that non-microwave safe containers might leach BPA and phthalates into the food (especially fatty foods). It must be taken into note that these chemicals are endocrine disruptors that mimic the hormones that disrupt healthy cells.

Habit of eating dinner without vegetable:

We might get cardiovascular issues if we dont include fruits and vegetables. Research study has revealed that lack of vegetable intake could lead to cardiovascular diseases and strokes leading to death. Take care.

Habit of not eating proteins during dinner:

By not having protein in the dinner then we might become hungrier sooner. This would make us eat more calories. This would result in weight increase and finally too many health issues.

Habit of eating dinner fast:

The studies have shown that by eating dinner fast would harm the heart. Metabolic syndrome would be present in those who eat very fast. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of disorders including high BP, high blood sugar levels etc. By eating fast, we might put on weight faster. The nutrients we consume get r reduced when we eat fast without chewing the food.

Habit of just sitting after eating dinner:

People who do not do any activity and who just sit for a long time after dinner might get issues like heart disease, diabetes, strokes, liver diseases etc. These issues might then reduce the lifespan. The studies have shown that people might get Alzheimers disease, Parkinsons disease also by just sitting after dinner. So, please take care.