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Be careful about these foods that might increase your stress


Posted on : 25/Jan/2021 9:39:05 AM

Feeling of emotion or physical tension that could come from any event or thought is termed as stress. The issue of stress has become very common now. Truth is that stress would make a person feel frustrated, angry, nervous etc. It is the reaction of our body to a challenge or demand. Various factors that could cause stress in a person are work, money, relationship, health etc.  It is revealed that stress might also be due to certain foods that we consume.

Please avoid these foods to be free from stress.

Avoid sugars:
Truth is that we must avoid consuming sugars to reduce the stress levels. It is believed that intake of more sugars would release cortisols that might interfere with sleeping, compromises immune system, headaches etc.

Avoid processed carbohydrates:
We might feel superb by the intake of refined carbohydrates but these would harm our body. We could get fluctuating blood sugar levels and feel irritated etc.

Avoid excess alcohol:
It is mentioned that by consuming excess alcohol we might get more stress. Point is that by excess alcohol intake certain hormones get released. Finally, we might feel anxious and stressed.

Avoid excess caffeine:
If a person consumes more cups of coffee containing caffeine then he or she might feel jittery and anxious. It is good to have one or 2 cups of coffee per day.

Avoid white flour:
It is known that white flour is full of carbohydrates and does not have fibre. If we eat white flour, then it gets digested easily and our blood sugar levels would get increased. Cortisol gets released and we might feel stressed.

Avoid excess salt:
If we consume too much salt, then it would result in water retention in us. This could lead to high BP and there would be more stress on the heart. So, please take care.