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Reasons why consuming papaya leaf juice is very important for us


Posted on : 22/Jan/2021 9:33:22 AM

It is common that most of us just think about neem, basil, dandelion, aloe vera etc when it comes to natural ways of treating health issues in us. Many of us would not have known that papaya leaf too has got some superb health benefits. Few life threatening diseases could be controlled by the use of papaya leaf and this has been used in Ayurveda. It is important to mention here that most of us consume papaya fruit as well as papaya leaf. Also called carica papaya, papaya is found mostly in the tropical regions.

Important nutrients present in papaya are vitamins A, B, C, E and K plus enzymes like papain and chymopapain etc.

Consuming papaya leaf juice could provide us with many health benefits.  Various benefits are

Controls dengue fever:
Essential compounds such as papain and carocain are present in fresh papaya leaf juice and by consuming this juice the platelet count would get boosted. Infection due to dengue fever gets reduced.

Anti-malarial properties:
It has been shown by some research studies that papaya leaf extract could effectively treat malaria. The plasma diastatic properties of papaya leaf juice directly control malarial fever.

Good for digestion:
Digestive symptoms like gas, bloating heartburn etc could be reduced by intake of papaya leaf juice. The fibre present in papaya juice could help in digestive health.

Protects liver from diseases:
Truth is that by lowering the cholesterol levels in us papaya leaf juice would cleanse our blood. Lipid peroxidation gets reduced and the liver gets protected from all types of free radical induced inflammatory diseases. Issues like cirrhosis and jaundice etc could be avoided.

Fights dandruff and hair fall etc:
Issues like dandruff and hair fall are very common these days and many have these issues. It is said that by crushing fresh papaya leaves and applying on the scalp issues like excess oil, dirt etc are easily removed. Our scalp gets nourished and moisturised and dandruff is avoided easily.

Anti-inflammatory effects:
Internal as well as external inflammatory conditions muscle aches and joint pain etc could be treated by papaya leaf juice.