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Do you know about the benefits of consuming jaggery in warm water?


Posted on : 18/Jan/2021 9:28:29 AM

It is well known that jaggery could be used as a substitute for sugar and by consuming jaggery, we could get instant energy. jaggery is prepared from concentrated raw sugar cane juice and date or palm sap without separation of molasses and crystals. It is important to note here that 70% of worlds jaggery production takes place in India. Jaggery is also known by the name gur and is made by 3 processes namely extraction, clarification and concentration.

Apart from giving us energy instantaneously, jaggery when consumed with warm water could provide these health benefits to us.

Improves metabolism and immunity in us:
It must be noted that jaggery is rich in vitamins like B1, B6 and C plus in minerals like magnesium, zinc, selenium etc. hence, consuming jaggery in warm water in the morning or just before bed could increase our metabolism rate and improve our immunity.

Good for weight loss:
It is often said that by intake of sweets we would not be able to lose our weight. Truth is that by consuming jaggery in warm water we could lose a few kilos. The potassium present in jaggery could help in the maintenance of electrolytic balance in us.  By this, the water retention is reduced and we would be able to lose our extra weight.

Intake of jaggery in warm water could help cleanse the body. It naturally detoxifies the body and purifies blood. Liver gets cleansed well. It is believed that by regular intake of jaggery with warm water our skin health would be good. Harmful toxins get flushed out and we would be away from health issues etc.

Treats anaemia:
Truth is that if we have low haemoglobin count then intake of jaggery in warm water could help in the maintenance of RBC count. Anaemia gets cured.

Treats arthritis:
Intake of jaggery with warm water could strengthen our bones. It provides relief from joint pain and could treat arthritis issues by soothing the body.

Controls BP or blood pressure:
Our BP gets managed well due to the presence of potassium and sodium in jaggery water. Hence, intake of jaggery with warm water is important