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For their reproductive health to be good, these practices must be followed without fail by the youngsters


Posted on : 13/Jan/2021 9:31:02 AM

One of the ways of ensuring a properly functioning body is by ensuring proper reproductive health. For this, adapting to good lifestyle practices is important. It is important to note that the reproductive health of an individual is dependent on different facets of their general well being.

Information is that diabetes (a lifestyle condition) would cause PCOS in females and low testosterone in males. These two issues could lead to poor reproductive health and infertility issues. Point is that we must be aware of the lifestyle habits that would affect fertility. January 12th is considered as National Youth Day and on this day youngsters must follow certain lifestyle practices for their reproductive health to be good.

Various lifestyle practices are

By having a balanced schedule:
At the age (between 15 and 29) most youngsters would be busy with their studies and work. They would not show much interest in other activities. It is essential to have a balanced schedule and this could be done by giving importance to other activities like playing a sport etc. By this, stress would be brought down and there would be improvement in reproductive health.

By eating healthy foods:
Our body functions have direct relation to what we eat. It is believed that different minerals and elements which we eat would make our body become well oiled. The reproductive health could become better by taking foods like fats, fishes and vegetables etc. It is important that intake of sugary foods and saturated fats must be avoided for the reproductive health to be good. These foods could lower the fertility in men and women.

By being active physically:
It is important that youngsters must be physically active by doing yoga, running, walking, cycling, jogging etc. By these activities, the mood would be elevated by reducing the hormones like cortisol etc and endorphins would be produced. Stress would get reduced. The body weight could be managed. It is known that obesity could affect the reproductive health of a person by affecting ovulation and menstruation in women. In men, obesity could affect the sperm quality and sperm count etc.

By avoiding hazardous substances:
Avoiding hazardous substances like fumes, pollution, radioactive elements would be superb for the reproductive health in youngsters. It must be taken into account that long exposures to these above said substances could alter the shape and size of sperm and ova.

By having regular checkups:
There are possibilities that certain health issues might later affect the reproductive health of a person. Hence it is necessary that youngsters must have regular checkups with the doctors to s sort their issues quickly.  It must be noted that issues like diabetes, thyroid and high BP could lead to reproductive issues.