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After consuming high cholesterol foods, we must do these compulsorily for our health to be good


Posted on : 11/Jan/2021 9:19:39 AM

Worldwide, dietary cholesterol is regarded as the leading cause for heart diseases and other issues in us.

It must be noted that in our body, cholesterol does important functions like cellular signalling, apoptosis, improving fluidity of cell membranes etc. In addition, it would also act as a precursor to hormones like oestrogen, testosterone etc. The risk of getting heart disease in us would be doubled if we consume foods that are rich in saturated fatty acids etc. Various examples of these foods are pizzas, burgers etc. The BP as well as diabetes would increase by consuming these foods.

It is necessary that we must follow certain things after the intake of high cholesterol foods for the sake of minimising the effects. These are

Drinking lukewarm water:

To maintain the health of the digestive system, it is important to balance the gut bacteria. There would be a positive effect on the gut bacterial growth by drinking lukewarm water. By this, the digestion of high cholesterol foods would be made easier.

Burn calories:

It is necessary that after consuming high cholesterol foods we must do atleast 30 minutes of physical activities like walking, climbing stairs etc. This would make the stomach performance better and would help with digestion. Body weight would also be kept under control.

Having detox drinks:

After consuming foods with high cholesterol, we must have detox drinks and these drinks would cleanse the system by getting rid of harmful toxins etc. Our immunity would get boosted and the digestive health would be good. One way of preparing a detox drink is by mixing water with lemon and ginger.

By consuming probiotics:

By supporting our gut bacteria and by keeping our digestive system in good shape, probiotics do superb work. Thus it is important that we must have foods like yoghurt, kefir etc that have natural probiotics. We would get a positive effect if we consume probiotics.

By planning next meal with legumes, fruits, veggies etc:

Do not worry after taking heavy foods rich in high cholesterol. It is necessary that we must have a healthy diet with lots of legumes, nuts, fruits, vegetables etc. By this, the cholesterol levels would get reduced and lipid profile would be improved. Planning the next meal beforehand is important.

By green tea intake:

Circulating total cholesterol would be reduced and cardiovascular diseases would be prevented by drinking green tea. To keep the cholesterol levels low, we must drink green tea without fail. It is said that the presence of active polyphenols in green tea would help in the digestion of heavy meals.

By sleeping well:

This is also an important thing we must do after eating high cholesterol foods. The circulating HDL in us would be lowered by having good sleep.