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Do you know about these signs that indicates that you are not eating enough calories?


Posted on : 09/Jan/2021 10:18:11 AM

In this modern age, with the variety of foods that are available, achieving and maintaining constant body weight is highly challenging. It is said that not consuming enough calories is also a concern and it could be due to various reasons. Truth is that factors like age, metabolism and levels of physical activity etc determine the ideal daily intake of calories. In men, the recommended daily calorie intake is 2500 and in women it is 2000.

There are few signs that would show that we are not consuming enough calories and these are

Low energy levels:

We would feel tired all the time if we do not eat enough calories. It is known that calories are units of energy that our body uses to function properly .We could feel fatigue with low energy levels in us and we would not be able to do movements beyond basic functions.

Excess hair loss:

In some persons, there would be excessive hair loss and this would indicate that they are not eating enough calories.

Constant hunger:

The reduction in the intake of enough calories could lead to constant hunger and increased food cravings.  Hormonal shifts might take place due to less consumption and this might result in increased hunger to compensate for the inadequate calorie intake.

 Inability to become pregnant:

There would be disruption in the reproductive hormone signals if inadequate calories are consumed and this could lead to difficulty in becoming pregnant.

Sleeping issues:

It is believed that by consuming inadequate calories we might get issues in sleeping. There are possibilities that we might take longer to get sleep and spend less time in deep sleep or frequent awakenings. There are studies that have proved that sleep deprivation could lead to insulin resistance and weight gain. So, please be careful.

Irritability issues:

It is confirmed that prolonged adequate calories consumption could make a person more irritable and moody.

Feeling cold always:

Not many know that the main reason behind feeling cold all the time could be due to inadequate intake of calories. It must be noted that our body needs to burn certain amounts of calories to generate heat plus maintain a healthy and comfortable body temperature. 

Infrequent bowel movements:

Those who do not consume sufficient food or calories could have constipation issues in them and would face issues in passing stools. This issue occurs mostly in elder persons but it could occur in youngsters (due to slow metabolic rate) also if they eat less amount of food.

Anxiety and depression:

It is mentioned by studies that lower intake of calories could lead to anxiety and depression in teens and in adults. Truth is that anxiety has been observed in overweight people who eat low calorie foods.