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Important instructions to follow before and after physical exercise!


Posted on : 08/Jan/2021 1:29:07 PM

For a healthy physical condition, it is imperative that all of us MUST ATTEMPT to keep ourselves BUSY! At the same time, even though most of us are aware of this important aspect, we tend to forget to note that it is also equally important to keep ourselves clean while doing physical exercises. In this aspect, let us jot down some important guidelines to be observed while undertaking physical exercise, before & after!

These guidelines will definitely protect us from the disease-causing germs/bacteria!

Do not use your shirt or T-shirt to wipe sweat! Generally, we tend to wipe ourselves to remove the sweat on the body with the T-shirt worn this is WRONG! WIPE THE SWEAT WITH A CLEAN DRY COTH! This will prevent the germs/bacteria in the T-shirt to spread on to the other parts of the body such as mouth, nose, & eyes. SO, WHEN UNDERTAKING THE NEXT PHYSICAL EXERCISE SESSION, REMEMBER TO TAKE A DRY CEAN COTH FOR REMOVING THE SWEAT!

Cleaning the physical exercise equipment - Whether we do the physical exercise in the residence or gyms, it is a MUST to clean the exercise equipment before and after the exercise session. Why? Because the sweat on the exercise equipment will carry germs/bacteria! So, apply the insecticide spray or sanitisers to clean the exercise equipment!

DO NOT SHARE! The important Mantra or slogan during this coronavirus prevalent period is DO NOT SHARE! What does the mean? It simply means that the items meant for our personal use such as a dry-towel piece, earphones, bottles, etc., while sharing with others, have the strong possibility that the germs/poisonous bacteria, yeast, etc., stuck on these items may reach them as well! So, it is always better NOT TO SHARE our items with others!

WASH HANDS THOROUGHLY WELL! In case we fail to keep our hands clean, there are 100% possibilities for the disease-bearing germs and harmful bacteria to attack us.  So, please ensure washing hands thoroughly at least for 20 seconds. In case there is no facility available in the physical exercise centres for washing hands, it is better to use sanitisers with 60% alcohol content to spray on our hands and wipe cleanly.