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Be careful about these foods that could affect the brain


Posted on : 08/Jan/2021 9:37:40 AM

The organ that controls the other functions of the body such as heat beat, lung breathing etc is the brain. Fact is that the brain gets inputs from the sense organs and changes behaviour in response to this information.

Hence it is necessary that we must take care of our brain. For this, we must consume food that is healthy and do exercises. It is revealed that there are few foods that could negatively impact the brain functioning including memory, mood, concentration etc.  If we cut down the intake of these foods we could avoid brain related issues in us

Various foods that could negatively impact the brain are

Sugary drinks intake:

It is known that we could get type-2 diabetes, weight increase, heart disease etc by consuming sugary drinks like energy drinks, colas etc. Not many would be aware that drinking sugary drinks could lead to brain issues also.  The sugary drinks rich in fructose are linked with obesity, high BP, high fats etc. This could increase the risk of getting affected by dementia. So, please take care.

Alcohol intake:

The brain volume would get reduced by excessive intake of alcohol. We could get metabolic changes and our neurotransmitters could get disrupted. Truth is that those who drink excess alcohol lack vitamin B1 and they might get affected by Wernickes encephalopathy leading to Korsakoff syndrome. This could create severe brain damage, disturbance in the eyesight etc.

Aspartame intake:

Sugar free products contain aspartame in them and those who want to lose excess weights opt for sugar free products are known. It must be noted that aspartame has got phenylalanine, methanol and aspartic acid etc. We could get behavioural and cognitive issues. It has been shown by some study that intake of aspartame is linked with memory impairment and oxidative stress in the brain.

Fish with high mercury intake:

It is believed that long living predatory fish are susceptible to accumulating mercury or heavy metal components.  A person consuming such fishes could have issues like disruption of CNS, neurotransmitters. This could lead to brain damage. Few examples of high mercury fishes are shark, tuna, swordfish etc.

High processed foods intake:

These high processed foods like chips, instant noodles, microwave popcorn etc have high sugar, salt and added fats in them. These high calorie and low nutrient foods could negatively impact the brain.

High trans- fat foods intake:

It is said that the industry trans-fat or hydrogenated vegetable oil intake could lead to brain issues. It has been shown by studies that those who consume high amounts of trans-fats could get Alzheimers disease. The cognitive decline could be stopped if we consume foods like chia seeds, flax seeds etc.

Refined carbohydrates intake:

Those foods that have a high glycemic index could lead to brain issues. Truth is that refined carbohydrates like processed grains etc have a high glycemic index and get digested quickly leading to spike in the blood sugars. It has been found that those who consume foods rich in fats and in refined sugars would have poor memory.