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Superb benefits of consuming makki roti in winter season


Posted on : 05/Dec/2020 9:23:51 AM

In the northern parts of India, many consume makki roti in combination with Sarson saag in the winter season. It is worthy to note that makki roti (flat unleavened Punjabi bread made from corn) is a winter seasonal food rich in many nutrients. Information is like most rotis; this makki roti is also baked on a tava.

The rich flavour of this amazing food has attracted many. This winter season makki roti first originated from the state of Punjab is well known.  By using mustard leaves along with other vegetables like onions, tomatoes, greens etc, Sarson saag is prepared. It is believed that makki roti is the one that adds more flavour and taste to the whole dish.

Various health benefits of consuming makki roti in the winter season are

Helps to put on weight:
Those who are lean and thin and are underweight could get huge benefits by intake of makki roti. Their weights would increase. The corn present in makki roti could help in gaining weight.

Avoid nutritional deficiencies:
It must be noted that the corn flour is rich in folic acid, fibres, vitamin B etc and intake of makki roti prepared from corn would help us to avoid nutritional deficiencies.

Regulates blood sugar:
It is well known that makki roti is full of fibres and by consuming it our blood sugar would get regulated.

Good for the health of pregnant mothers:
Pregnant mothers must consume makki roti because of the presence of folic acid in this food. The folic acid is good for mother as well for the baby. In winter seasons especially, the pregnant mothers must eat makki roti.

Lowers bad cholesterol:
This is also one superb health benefit of intake of makki roti. The bad cholesterol present in the arteries of the heart gets lowered by the various components present in makki roti.