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Please consume these foods in the winter season to get cured from common cold, flu etc


Posted on : 03/Dec/2020 9:21:15 AM

It is winter in India now!!

Not only does the winter season bring happiness to us, but also it brings few issues too. It is common to find health issues like cold and flu in every house in the winter season. It is known that foods could provide us with necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins etc with energy and by the intake of foods we would be able to do daily activities. Certain foods have antiviral, antibacterial anti-inflammatory properties in them and by intake of those foods we would be able to fight issues like common cold etc.

Various foods that are good to fight common cold are

Honey intake:

Intake of honey is superb because it hydrates the body plus improves immunity also. It is believed that due to the presence of antimicrobial compounds in honey it is used as an antibacterial element since ages. Issues like cold, cough and sore throat would go away by intake of honey.

Oats intake:

Our cardiac health during the common cold would get boosted by intake of oats. By mixing oats with other ingredients like dry fruits, seeds, skimmed milk etc, our health would be superb. Other benefits of oats intake are issues like bloating, diarrhoea etc could be avoided.

Chicken soup intake:

Ailing body could be comforted by consuming chicken soup. Truth is chicken soup is easy to digest plus it has lots of vitamins, minerals etc that are needed for the body. Nasal mucus get cleared by this food plus it also acts as a natural decongestant.

Green leafy vegetables intake:

It is said that the presence of vitamins A, C, K plus minerals and fibres in the green leafy vegetables could help us to recover fast from the common cold in the winter season.  

Ginger intake:

Intake of ginger could help us to get cured from issues like cold, flu easily. It could be consumed as raw in hot soup or brew it with the tea. It is known that ginger has got natural antibacterial, antimicrobial plus anticancer properties in it. It is believed that intake of ginger in the winter season could prevent nausea that is associated with flu.