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Want to have calcium rich breakfast, please follow these tips


Posted on : 28/Nov/2020 9:20:02 AM

By having breakfast in the morning we would be able to build our bone health. It is well known that our body needs certain nutrients to sustain and to stay healthy. It is important that we must have calcium rich food at breakfast time. By consuming calcium rich breakfast our bones and teeth would become strong plus calcium plays a role in synthesis of fat. Calcium also plays a role in the weight management

By these tips we could have a calcium rich breakfast. We could maximise the intake of calcium in these ways.

Drinking cow milk at the start:
We could start the day by drinking a glass of cows milk. The milk is rich in calcium plus others like magnesium, protein, potassium, iodine, phosphorus etc. Pure vegans could drink calcium fortified soy milk.

By eating yoghurt:
It must be noted that yoghurt is rich in calcium and we must consume it. For making a wholesome meal, we could further top yoghurt with calcium fortified cereals, fruits etc.

By eating certain fruits like figs etc:
Not many of us would know that fruits like figs or anjeer have plenty of calcium in them. Truth is that 100gms of figs have 35gms of calcium. There are also other fruits such as oranges, apricots, kiwi, berry etc that ahs got lots of calcium in them and these fruits could be consumed by us.

By eating cheeses:
It is good for us to eat softer cheeses like brie that has got moderate amounts of calcium. This brie has yellowish on the inner side and white colour on the outer side is known.

By consuming greens:
Our breakfast must have lots of greens compulsorily.  There are green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, mustard greens etc rich in calcium and these could be added to the breakfast.