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Get temporary relief from dry eyes issue by following these home remedies


Posted on : 20/Nov/2020 9:37:12 AM

When glands in the eyes cannot produce enough tears to keep the eyes lubricated then it leads to dry eyes. Dry eyes could cause itchiness and could lead to issues in vision. Both environmental as well as medical factors are responsible for dry eyes issues in us. There are some studies that have shown that working continuously on a computer screen for a long duration could lead to dry eyes.

Dry eyes can be treated in the home in these ways.

By using drops or ointments:

Non prescriptive eye drops and ointments that are available could treat dry eyes issues. Truth is if this issue persists then it is important to consult an eye doctor.

By thorough washing:

It is important to wash the eyelids and eyelashes with water and then wipe the eyes with sift and clean cloth. This is an important home remedy for dry eyes.

By giving eyes rest:

It is believed that by looking continuously at the computer screen we could get this issue. Therefore, we must avoid this. By closing the eyes and by reducing the rate of blinking we could get a solution for dry eyes.

By frequent blinking:

It is said that by blinking more then we might be able to get a solution for this issue. Our eye health gets better by frequent blinking.

By including more fatty acids in food:

Omega -3 fatty acids could regulate the gland and produce tears. Hence intake of food with more fatty acids is very important. It is good to eat fishes like salmon and tuna etc. Vegetarian food eaters could get fatty acids by the intake of foods like walnuts, flaxseeds, chia seeds, palm etc.

By adding vitamins like A, D and B12:

We would be able to get relief from dry eye issues if we could add vitamins like A, D and B12 In the diet. So, take care.

By limiting or avoiding alcohol and smoking:

We could get dehydrated when we consume alcohol and this could lead to dry issues in us. It is believed that chemicals present in cigarettes could irritate the eyes leading to dry eyes.