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Pre menstrual syndrome or PMS in women could be managed or eased by following these tips


Posted on : 17/Nov/2020 9:22:47 AM

One or two weeks before the monthly periods, a woman would experience PMS or pre menstrual syndrome is a well known fact. It is revealed that nearly 8 to 20% of women would get severe PMS symptoms before her periods. Both physical as well as emotional changes could occur in the woman before her periods. The symptoms of PMS vary and truth is that mostly the symptoms would also depend on the food a woman consumes.

There are few diet tips that would help a woman to manage PMS. These are

By consuming high calcium foods:
It has been proven by some research studies that women would be less prone to PMS if they consume foods rich in calcium and vitamin D. By consuming atleast 3 servings of calcium rich foods like low fat milk, yoghurt etc a woman could get the much needed calcium. Vitamin D could be got by daily multivitamin and a supplement because enough vitamin D could not be got only through diet. It must be noted that calcium relieves depressive symptoms and vitamin D would influence emotional changes and together they would ease PMS symptoms.

By consuming whole grains, vegetables, fruits lean proteins etc:
It is believed that a woman could manage PMS symptoms if she consumes fruits, vegetables plus whole grains such as oats meal etc.  A woman could get vitamin B if she consumes cereals and fortified bread etc.

By avoiding excess sugar:
This is also an important tip to manage PMS syndrome. It is revealed that cravings for excess sugars could be due to changing levels of hormones like estrogens and progesterone and this could lead to reduction in the serotonin levels in the brain. Truth is that these changes could lead to PMS symptoms.

By not skipping breakfast etc:
Appetite could get affected by the change in the hormone levels. It is believed that having small amounts of food throughout the day could help in reducing the hunger. Point is that when a woman is feeling sad then by skipping breakfast or meals etc would only increase her blood sugar levels and this would make matters worse. So, take care.