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By these ways, we could make our kids to focus well through online classes


Posted on : 10/Nov/2020 9:17:56 AM

The year 2020 has changed the lives of many. The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the working patterns of many and many even now are working from home only. It has also changed the learning ways of the students and the students have been finding it tough to cope up with the Study from home environment. 

The truth is that the classroom learning has now changed to virtual learning. It has been mentioned that the sustained stress the students face now could create imbalance in their mental as well in their physical health.

The students need lots of motivation in this virtual learning. To make the students concentrate more in this study from home there are few tips that could be effective. These are

By creating a good learning environment:
Studying from home is not easy and there are lots of distractions. It is necessary to have a designated learning space and keep the distractions to the minimum. Point is that the seating position for virtual learning must be comfortable. The students must sit in an upright posture during the online classes. The e-learning could become better through dedicated devices with good internet connectivity.

By taking breaks in between:
For the online classes to be effective, it is important to give short breaks in between for the students. It must be noted that the break could include various activities like getting up from the seat and taking a stroll, doing stretches etc. Taking water breaks or snack breaks would also be good for the students.

By writing daily schedule:
The schedule for the day could be written by the student with the daily goals. By this, the kid would become more organised. The kid must have the option and access to the recorded sessions if he or she could not understand in the online classes.

By keeping reasonable expectations:
This is also an important way to make the student focus well in the online classes. It is believed that by setting reasonable and achievable expectations the students would be able to do well. It is important to have a shorter duration of e-classes for the students of lower classes when compared to the students of higher classes. This would make the students concentrate more.

By making the classroom sessions interactive:
Online learning could become better when there is an engaging interaction between the teachers and the students.  The student`s attention would be superb by incorporating question and answer in the e-lectures.