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Do you know about these fantastic benefits of consuming white onions?


Posted on : 06/Nov/2020 9:13:49 AM

Onions have become an integral part of many dishes is a well known fact. The amazing piece of information is that onion cultivation began in 5000 BC itself. Onion is also known by the names like bulb onions or common onions etc.

Not many would be aware of white onions that have more pungent flavour when compared to yellow onions. Truth is white onions have more tender and papery skin.

The white onions have many ingredients such as phytonutrients, flavonoids, vitamin C plus others like fibres, folic acid, antioxidants etc. Hence consuming white onions is good for our health. The white onions could be eaten in both raw as well as in the cooked form.

Various benefits of consuming white onions are

Manages blood sugar levels:
This is one important health benefit of intake of white onions. Our blood sugar gets regulated when we consume white onions having sulphur and chromium. In addition, they also have a compound called quercetin that would help in controlling blood sugar levels.

Helps in fighting cancer:
The presence of sulphur compounds plus flavonoid antioxidants in white onion plays an important role in the fight against cancer. Tumour growth would be prevented due to the presence of fisetin etc.

Good for digestive health:
Our gut heath would become better by consuming white onions that are rich in fibres and prebiotics. It is believed that by consuming white onions regularly the gut friendly bacteria would get increased in us.

Bone health gets boosted:
In many women, bones become weaker as they become older and intake of white onions would improve their bone density. Oxidative stress would get lowered plus antioxidant levels would get boosted and there would be decrease in bone loss. By this, issues like osteoporosis could be prevented.

Good for heart health:
Truth is that our heart health would become better by the intake of white onions having antioxidants and compounds that fight inflammation. There would be a decrease in the triglyceride level and cholesterol gets reduced.

Anti-inflammatory properties:
It is mentioned that high amounts of sulphur in white onions is an effective anti-inflammatory agent. Our immune function gets stimulated by the selenium that is present in the white onions. Finally, inflation gets reduced in us.

Improves sleep:
Many of us suffer from slsleep issues due to various reasons.  White onions contain L-tryptophan that is a form of amino acid that would act as a natural sedative. Our stress levels would be lowered.



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