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Avoid consuming these high carbohydrate foods if you are on keto or ketogenic diet


Posted on : 30/Oct/2020 9:28:42 AM

One of the highly popular diets for weight loss is the keto diet or ketogenic diet. In this, a person consumes low carbohydrate and high protein food is a well known fact. Fact is that this ketogenic diet forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates.

Keto diet has been promoted as an easy sustainable diet for speedy weight by many models and other famous personalities etc. By eating keto diet, some people have lost their weight in a few weeks or in a few months. One important advantage of keto diet is that it helps in treating those with seizures.

It is important that we must avoid these high carbohydrates foods when we are on a keto diet.

Avoid consuming grains:

It is known that grains are rich in carbohydrates and are consumed as the primary source of carbohydrates in one`s diet. Therefore, a person must not eat grains when on a low carbohydrate diet. Foods like bread, pasta must be avoided when on a keto diet.

Avoid legumes consumption:

Legumes are rich in both proteins as well in carbohydrates. Hence, legumes must be avoided when we are following the keto diet for weight loss.

Avoid fruits and vegetables:

There are certain fruits like oranges, apples, peaches and vegetables like potatoes, yam etc that are rich in carbohydrates. It is important to avoid intake of these fruits and vegetables when on keto diet. Persons on keto diet must not consume canned fruits because they would add to carbohydrates consumption.

 Avoid dairy products consumption:

The dairy products such as cheese, yoghurt and milk etc are rich in carbohydrates. They must not be consumed by those who are following the keto diet for weight loss.

Beverages and sugary sodas:

When following a low carbohydrate diet, a person must not consume sugary drinks as they are full of carbohydrates. Aerated drinks rich in sugars must be avoided when on keto diet.A