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Men must be aware of these early signs that would indicate diabetes


Posted on : 26/Oct/2020 8:57:39 AM

In some persons, their bodies would not be able to produce enough insulin or utilise insulin. This condition is termed as diabetes. Factors such as environmental, genetic and lifestyle plays an important role in diabetes. The research studies have proved that the prevalence of diabetes is more in men than in women. The presence of a large amount of visceral fat or fat in the abdominal area has been responsible for increase in type-2 diabetes in men than in women.

Men must take a note of these early symptoms of their diabetes and get treated.

Frequent thirst and urge to urinate:
Increased levels in glucose could lead to frequent urination as the kidneys are unable to filter. This increased urination is also known as polyuria. This frequent urination results in loss of water and dehydration. Therefore, excessive thirst is observed.

Erectile dysfunction:
The nerves present near the penis area in men get damaged and this is an early sign of diabetes in men. This could be due to the accumulation of high levels of glucose in that area in men. This could lead to erectile dysfunction.

Unexplained loss of weight:
Men must take care of unexplained weight loss in them as it could be due to diabetes issues. It is normal to lose weights during dieting or by exercising or by diuretic therapy etc. When a person loses his weight without these then it could indicate diabetes.

Varieties of nutritional, lifestyle, endocrine and psychological factors could lead to fatigue in diabetes or diabetic fatigue syndrome. By identifying fatigue it is possible to prevent it from worsening.

Increased appetite:
Eating disorders or disordered eating behaviour are associated with diabetes and that too mostly in men with type-2 diabetes issues. It must be noted that when the glucose levels spike then the body decides to produce high levels of insulin to bring down the glucose level. This could lead to increased appetite.

Vision issues:
Men with diabetes would show diabetic macular oedema and would have blurred vision. These men would have moderate or severe loss of vision. It is said that those with hyperglycemia would show these symptoms.