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Are you having the issue of frequent urination, please avoid these foods


Posted on : 08/Oct/2020 9:35:29 AM

Going to bathrooms frequently for urinating, then please be careful as you might have an overactive urinary bladder or OAB.

There are many who cannot hold their urine for a long time. If a person drinks sufficient water a day then he or she would urinate 8 times and this is normal but the excess urination must be treated. More common in older adults, this issue of overactive bladder might affect at any age. The muscles of the urinary bladder contract suddenly without any sign and this could lead to overactive bladder in us.

There are certain foods that could put stress on the urinary bladder and this could lead to frequent urination. The foods that must be avoided are

Avoid chocolates, tea/coffee:

The frequent urination gets triggered by the caffeine present in the chocolates. Truth is that caffeine is diuretic and it could increase the frequency of urination. Hence, it is necessary to avoid eating chocolates. Likewise we must avoid tea and coffee intake that ahs caffeine content

Avoid citrus fruits:

The symptoms of OAB could worsen if we eat citrus fruits like oranges, lemon etc. Our control over the bladder might become worse when we eat citrus fruits rich in citric acid.

Say NO to tomatoes and tomato products:

Those who have OAB must avoid eating tomato products like pasta, pizza, sauce etc. The intake of tomatoes having acidic acid could irritate the bladder and worsen the symptoms.

Avoid raw onions:

We could get bladder issues when we eat raw onions. This could lead to frequent urination. So kindly cook the onions before eating to reduce the symptoms of OAD.

Avoid carbonated drinks:

The symptoms of OAB could increase when we consume carbonated drinks like soft drinks, soda water etc. Instead of carbonated juices it would be better if we consume fruit juices.