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How well do you know about these ways of losing excess weight while sleeping?


Posted on : 07/Oct/2020 9:29:17 AM

People try various ways to lose their excess weights but the shocking piece of information is that many gain weight due to certain changes. It is believed that we could lose our excess weights even while we sleep. Sounds incredible right!!

It has been shown by the research studies that people tend to lose weight during their deep sleep as deep sleep is associated with weight loss. Fact is that there is low risk of being obese when people get sound sleep.

By these ways we could lose our excess weight while sleeping

By consuming sea foods and meats:
An amino acid named Tryptophan is present in the lambs, turkeys, fishes etc and by consuming these we could have sound sleep in the nights. Intake of nuts, lentils and eggs would also be superb for weight loss in the nights while sleeping.

By sipping a cup of tea:
We would be able to sleep well if we consume certain teas like chamomile, peppermint, lavender, tulsi etc. By sound sleep, our excess weight would be lost.

By eating whole grains for lunch:
For lunch, we could eat whole grains and by this we would be able to lose excess weights. Point is that complex carbohydrates are good for weight loss. The serotonin in the whole grains get converted to melatonin and this would give us sound sleep in the nights

By taking small meals before bed:
If we eat large meals, then our body would take more time to digest it and this could lead to sleep issues in the nights. Hence, intake of small meals is advised. Having dinner 2 hours before sleep is important.

By having protein shake:
It is good to drink protein shake before sleep and this would improve the metabolism. Vegan powder would be good when compared to whey as whey could lead to bloating.