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Every woman in her post menopause stage must follow these in her daily routine


Posted on : 23/Sep/2020 9:30:31 AM

In the life of every woman, the menopause stage (late 40s to early 50s) is inevitable and the truth is this is the stage most women look forward to. In this menopause stage, a woman would not get her monthly periods and health issues associated with the monthly periods.

This might not make her happy because in this menopause stage a woman would experience mood fluctuations, hot flashes, weight gain, lack of proper sleep etc. Risk of bone fractures becomes high in this important stage.

It is necessary that a woman must follow healthy nutritious food habits to be healthy and to t be free from complications.

Post menopause health could be maintained by consumption of the important foods.

Increase intake of calcium:
The bones of the menopausal woman would be fragile and this would lead to more fractures. There is a deficiency of calcium. It is necessary to consume calcium rich foods to overcome this issue. Calcium rich foods like milk, yoghurt, cheese, soya chunks etc must be consumed.

Intake of iron rich foods:
The blood becomes more stagnant in the body after the menopause stage and intake of iron rich foods would help in the blood flow. Hence, it is important to eat iron rich foods like lean red meat, eggs, green leafy vegetables, enriched grains etc.

Doing exercises:
Lowering of estrogen levels in the menopause would lead to drastic weight gain. To overcome this, women must do exercises regularly.  Physical activities like walking, jogging, swimming etc would be superb.

Intake of dietary fibres:
The digestion process becomes difficult as we grow older. It is possible to simplify the digestion process by intake of foods rich in fibre content. Whole grain breads and cereals intake would be superb. In the post menopause, women must also eat fresh fruits and vegetables.