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Having kidney disease? Then please eat these foods


Posted on : 22/Sep/2020 9:35:47 AM

The removal of waste from the body is done by our kidneys is a well known fact. Kidney is a vital organ just like the heart and brain and we must take proper care of the kidney. These days, many get affected with kidney diseases due to several reasons and find it very difficult to lead a normal life.

Those with kidney diseases would be unable to get rid of the waste and the waste gets deposited inside the body. It is worthy to note that persons having kidney disease must follow a healthy diet.

Renal diets:
These are kidney friendly diets that limit the intake of sodium, potassium, proteins and phosphorus etc. There are certain foods to eat and avoid for those affected with kidney disease.

Various foods that could be consumed by the kidney disease persons are

Onion intake:
Foods that have little or no sodium would be good for those with kidney disease. One example is onion that has got very little sodium in it. It is believed that intake of raw onions would be good for kidney health.

Garlic intake:
By adding strong flavour to the foods, garlic plays its role well. Garlic has many medicinal properties in it is a known fact. The low levels of sodium, potassium and phosphorus in garlic would be superb for those with kidney disease.

Bell pepper intake:
Truth is bell peppers have many nutrients plus they are superb sources of antioxidants also. It is known that bell peppers are rich in vitamin C. Intake of bell peppers would be superb for the kidney disease affected persons. It is good to add bell peppers to sandwiches, curries etc.

Pineapple intake:
Having very less potassium and superb fibre content, intake of pineapple would be superb for those with kidney disease. Our immunity would get boosted by consuming pineapples.