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Are you aware of these amazing leaves that could keep your health in good shape?


Posted on : 17/Sep/2020 9:20:47 AM

Many of us just eat fruits and veggies for the health to be good without knowing the fact that there are few leaves that must also be consumed by us.

It is well known that fruits and vegetables have many nutrients in them. In the same way, there are few leaves that have got many health benefits as they have medicinal properties in them. We would be able to fight diseases by these leaves intake.

These leaves must be consumed for our health to be superb.

Intake of spinach leaves:
This healthiest green leafy vegetable spinach is rich in fibres and iron is well known to us. By consuming spinach we could get food eyesight, good heart health, reduced hair loss etc. Moreover, intake of spinach could make us lose excess weight.

Intake of tulsi leaves:
Otherwise called as holy basil, tulsi is found in many households and is superb for our health. It could provide calmness in us and reduce stress and anxiety issues. Intake of tulsi leaves could reduce inflammation, improves the heart health etc.

Intake of mint leaves:
Rich in folate, vitamin A, iron and manganese etc, mint leaves play a huge role in the health of the digestive system. In addition to this, mint leaves could make us free from bad breath and could boost our mood also.

Intake of neem leaves:
By boosting our immunity, boosting heart health, reducing pain etc, neem leaves are superb.  Neem leaves also do superbly in reducing inflammation, fighting bacterial infections etc.

Intake of curry leaves:
It is known that curry leaves when added provides extra flavour to the food. Our cholesterol could be kept in control by eating curry leaves. Stomach issues like diarrhoea, constipation etc would be avoided by taking curry leaves. The presence of vitamin A in the curry leaves would make the eyesight better.