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Do you know about these signs that reveal poor muscle health?


Posted on : 11/Sep/2020 9:27:20 AM

Feeling tired and exhausted after doing heavy work is common. Some people might feel these even after taking proper rest. This is not normal and these are the signs of poor muscle health. The fact is muscles in us get damaged and hence show such signs.

The persons must not avoid these signs at any cost as it could lead to severe issues. After some time, these signs would increase their intensity and there are chances that we might not be able to do any work also.

Important piece of information is inadequate protein intake has resulted in poor muscle health in 71 percent of Indians. Studies have shown that 80% of Indian diet lacks the right amounts of proteins. It is brought out that to prevent poor muscle health intake of proteins is important.

Protein intake could be increased by consumption of eggs, chopped almonds, Greek yoghurt, fish, chicken etc.

Signs of poor muscle health are indicated by these signs.

Low or lack of energy:
For the entire day, we might feel low on energy and this could be due to weak muscles. Inadequate appetite and low nutritional intake could lead to this low energy. This could be overcome by eating healthy and nutritious foods.

Bad posture:
Our muscles would become stiff if we sit for long hours without any movement. The muscles get damaged. It is said that while working, taking short walks would be superb.

Low endurance levels:
Our endurance level would get affected by the daily tasks and strict routines. This would indicate the presence of poor weak muscles in us. By eating the right proportions of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals etc we could overcome this.

Constant fatigue:
Our metabolism could get affected when our muscles lose their strength. We could feel constant fatigue and feel tired etc.