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Eating these foods would not make you to gain weight


Posted on : 10/Aug/2020 10:22:09 AM

We all want to eat well but not want to gain weight. This is not that difficult as one might think.

Majority of us do not eat proper foods and gain more weight. We find it very tough to get rid of the excess weight. For losing excess weight, it is necessary to give up certain foods. It is now said that the key to losing weights is by consuming the right type of foods.

It is superb to mention that there are few foods that we could consume till we get satisfied and without fearing weight gain. These foods are

Whole eggs intake:
The 9 essential amino acids present in the eggs make them highly nutritious. It has been brought out by some research study that those who ate egg for breakfast were more satiated and ate less till 36 hours.

Oatmeal intake:
The fibre rich oatmeal when consumed could make us feel full for a longer time. This would lessen the intake of excess foods and we would not gain weight. By eating oatmeal, our digestion gets slowed down and our appetite would get suppressed.

Legumes intake:
By consuming legumes, weight gain would not be there. It is worthy to note that legumes are excellent sources of proteins and fibres and intake of legumes could make us feel full.

Apple intake:
Apples are rich in fibre content and low in calories is a known fact. It is superb to mention that we could eat whole apples without putting on weight.

Citrus fruits intake:
The fruits like grapefruits, oranges etc are weight loss friendly fruits and have high water content in them. The presence of pectin in them slows down the digestion and increases satiety.

Lean meat intake:
For non-vegetarian eaters, intake of lean meat is superb and would not lead to any weight increase in them.