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Healthy reasons why chia seeds must be consumed by us


Posted on : 07/Aug/2020 9:35:42 AM

Tiny oval and gray with black and white spots and being edible, chia seeds are classified super foods for not without any reason. They are found mostly in central and southern parts of Mexico.

These chia seeds could provide us many health benefits. It is believed that a spoon full of chia seeds would have 69 calories, 4gms of fat plus 5 gms of fibre and 2gms of proteins. It must be taken into note that chia seeds could be added to the salads, smithies etc and then consumed.

By consuming chia seeds, we could get these superb benefits.

Lowers cholesterol levels and boosts digestion:
The fibre present in the chia seeds plays an important role here. It reduces the cholesterol levels in us and then improves digestion. By the intake of chia seeds, our bowel movements are kept in check and there would not be issues regarding constipation etc.

Improves bone strength:
Phosphorus as well as magnesium plays a huge role along with calcium in making the bones stronger in us. By consuming chia seeds, we could get these nutrients. It has been revealed by some study that those who consumed phosphorus would have stronger bones in them and have a 45% lower risk of getting an osteoporosis issue.

Prevents heart diseases:
The presence of alpha- linolenic acid that is a type of omega 3 fatty acid in chia seeds could prevent us from getting heart diseases.

Good for weight loss:
It is superb to mention that intake of chia seeds could help us to lose excess weight. The fibre content in these seeds could make us feel full and we would not consume excess food. This would help us to reduce weight. For vegans chia seeds could be a good source of calcium. To boost the calcium intake, it is good to eat these seeds.