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Be careful about these foods that could lead to teeth stain


Posted on : 24/Jul/2020 10:09:20

It is possible to make a long lasting impression on others by your bright smile. For this smile, oral hygiene practices are very important and they play a huge role. The food we eat and drinks we consume could spoil the bright white colour of the teeth. They create stains on the teeth enamel and discolouration.

These foods and drinks must be avoided for the teeth to be white and shining.

Intake of soda and other carbonated drinks:
Many drink sodas and carbonated drinks for instant energy etc without knowing that they could create stain on the teeth. It is important to note that carbonated drinks are full of colours and dyes and they could spoil the teeth colour. So, be careful.

Intake of tea / coffee:
There are many who drink tea or coffee in the morning.  It is believed that these beverages could stain our teeth and could the teeth look yellowish in colour. By reducing the intake of these beverages to just one cup per day, we could lessen the stain on the teeth.

Intake of sweets etc:
Apart from leaving colour on the tongue, eating sweets and candies could also result in teeth discolouration. For our oral health to be good, it is advised not to consume too much sweets and candies etc. Please take care.

Intake of sauces and vinegar:
The good news is both sauces as well as vinegar could enhance the taste of the food but the bad news is they could produce teeth stains. Sauces from tomatoes that are acidic could lead to enamel erosion also part from tooth stains. Teeth discolouration could happen also due to balsamic vinegar that is often used for salad dressing. It is revealed that for avoiding stains in ten teeth we must monitor the intake and reduce the intake of these.