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Do you know about these herbs that could keep your body cool in summers


Posted on : 24/Jun/2020 10:12:52

With temperatures touching 40 degrees Celsius, summers could be extremely tough for many. People try various ways to stay cool in the summer season is well known.  Right diet would keep us cool as the temperatures are on the rise in the summer times. To stay healthy in the hot climate, it is important to consume enough water.

There are few herbs that could keep us cool during the summer times. These are

Fresh and refreshing, this common herb could help us to stay cool in the hot weather. It is known that mint leaves could be used in many ways. The leaves could be added to the drinks to increase the flavour. Detox drinks prepared using mint leaves could help us in getting rid of toxins from us.

Not many know that amla herb cud also makes us feel cool in the summer season. Rich in vitamin C, Amla could give a cooling effect on the digestive system. Good immunity boosting properties of amla could be superb for us. It could control our BP also. Amla could be consumed either in raw form or as juice etc.

We could feel cool in the summer season by using sandalwood. It could be applied as paste on the skin. We could get rid of skin issues plus keep us cool by sandalwood. It has got astringent, antiseptic properties and these could solve many skin problems. There is evidence that shows us that sandalwood also removes sun tan etc.

A perennial herb present in Asia, mulethi is also called by the name licorice. It has been in use for so many years in Ayurveda. This herb has the ability to cool us in the hot summer season. Intake of this herb could provide other benefits like immunity boosting, digestive benefits, anti-inflammatory properties etc.