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Want your oral health to be good, eat these foods


Posted on : 03/Jun/2020 10:45:54 AM

Just like our physical or mental health, oral health is also very important.

For our health to be superb, we know what diet we must consume. Not many know that the foods we eat might have impact on our oral health also. Intake of healthy foods would keep infections away from our body plus also keep infections away from mouth. Truth is our teeth as well as our gums would be safe.

For improving our oral health, we must eat these foods without fail.  These foods are

Intake of yogurt:
Bacterial fermentation of milk produces yogurt is known. Intake of yogurt is associated with superb gut health. Our teeth and gums would be kept well by consuming yoghurt. Tooth decay and other issues could be prevented.

Intake of milk:
Intake of milk could be amazing for the bone health. It is believed that by consuming milk we could get strong teeth also. This would improve the oral health.

Intake of oranges:
The tannins and flavonoids present in the oranges are superb in fighting bacteria. It is brought out that tannins and flavonoids in the oranges could fight the bacteria in the mouth. Oral health gets better.

Intake of pears:
The presence of vitamins C and E in pears plays a huge role in fighting infections and plaque in the teeth. Oral health is improved by this. In addition, the fibres present in pears are good for the health of the gut and they help in the oral health also.

Intake of meat:
The proteins present in the meat and meat based dishes are good for the body is known. Intake of meat could boost our immunity plus our oral health.

Intake of leafy greens:
Our teeth gets good strength and oral health gets improved by the intake of leafy green veggies like kale, spinach etc.