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Women must drink these teas to ease out their menopause symptoms


Posted on : 27/May/2020 10:50:33

Many women in their late 40s experience menopause. This menopause is an important stage in the life of a woman just like the onset of puberty. The menstrual cycle is absent for 12 consecutive months in the woman in menopause.

Various symptoms of menopause are hot flash, mood swings, headaches, body pain, night sweats etc. The period before menopause is peri menopause. The levels of these menopausal symptoms could be eased by drinking certain herbal teas.

Various herbal teas are

Drinking ginseng tea:
Many studies have shown that by consuming ginseng tea the severity of issues like hot flashes and night sweats get reduced. Postmenopausal woman could get the benefit of good heart health by drinking this herbal tea.

Drinking red clover tea:
It is believed that by intake of red clover tea it is possible to regulate high BP, immune system plus strengthen bones too. Woman could get relief from hot flash and night sweating. Hormonal imbalances caused due to menopause could be improved by this herbal tea intake and this would be possible due to phyto-estrogens in this tea.

Drinking chaste berry tea:
In perimenopausal women, intake of chaste berry tea could lower breast pain/mastodynia and hot flashes etc.

Drinking black cohosh root tea:
In menopausal women, black cohosh tea has been found to reduce dryness of vagina, hot flashes etc. This herbal tea is good for those women who experience early menopause.

Drinking red raspberry leaf tea:
It is known that when perimenopause begins in woman there would be sometimes heavy blood loss. Intake of this herbal tea could reduce the heavy menstrual flows.

Drinking valerian root tea:
This herbal tea has got ability to lower the hot flashes when a woman enters menopause stage. It is said that by intake of valerian root tea a woman would have god bone strength.