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If you have these signs then please test for vitamin D without fail


Posted on : 07/Feb/2020 2:58:26 PM

For our health to be good, the intake of vitamins is a must. Vitamin D is highly essential for our bones and teeth to be strong and sunlight could provide us with this vitamin. When our skin is exposed t the sun rays, then our body produces vitamin D from cholesterol is known.

It must be taken into account that the symptoms of vitamin D are complex and people do not realise that they are deficient in vitamin D.

There are a few signs that would reveal that we need a vitamin D test. These are


It is said that feeling exhausted or fatigue is a common sign of vitamin D deficiency. For the proper functioning of our skeletal muscles, vitamin D is necessary. We could get extreme fatigue when we have a scarcity of vitamin D in us.

Bone and back pain:

For the absorption of calcium in the body, vitamin D is essential. To keep our bones, teeth etc healthy, sufficient amount of calcium is required. A person with low vitamin D levels would show signs of frequent back and muscle pain. There are studies that show the relationship between the deficiency of vitamin D and chronic pain.

Slow wound recovery:

After an injury we get wounds. If this wound takes much time to heal then it is a sign of vitamin D deficiency. It is important to mention here that vitamin D plays a huge role in controlling inflammation and fighting infections.

Hair loss:

It is known that vitamin D stimulates the hair follicles to grow and when we do not have enough of this vitamin then we would lose hairs. There is a link between alopecia areata and vitamin D deficiency in us. It is known that this alopecia areata is an autoimmune condition responsible for patchy hair loss. So please take care.