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Some excellent health benefits of consuming linden tea

Posted on: 18/Sep/2019 5:48:44 PM
Linden tea!! The name sounds amazing right!!

How many of you have consumed linden tea? If not, then its high time to consume this amazing tea. Belonging to the family Malvaceae, tilia platyphyllous is a deciduous tree mostly found in Europe.

It must be noted that linden tea is derived from this tilia platyphyllous species. By intake of linden tea, we could avoid or prevent certain health issue in us. So it is necessary that we must consume this superb tea.

Various benefits of consuming linden tea are                 

Inflammation is prevented:

It must be taken into account that chronic inflammation could lead to many serious issues like cancer, type- 2diabetes. The presence of antioxidants like tiliroside and keampferol in linden tea helps us to fight inflammation.

Reduces pain in us:

It is superb to mention here that, the intake of linden tea could help in pain reduction also. Hence those with pain could have this tea to get some relief. It is believed the antioxidants like tiliroside and quercetin in linden tea helps in lowering the pain. Intake of this tea could provide huge relief for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Improves sleep quality:

Many these days suffer from lack of proper sleep. There are some studies that suggest that intake of linden tea could solve this issue of poor sleeping. By consuming this tea our mood gets improved and we could feel relaxed and this produces superb sleep. The sedative property of linden tea plays a huge role here.

Good for digestion:

This is also one superb health benefit which we could get from linden tea intake. It is worthy to mention that intake of linden tea has a soothing effect on the digestive tract. By this, there would be easy flow of food through the intestines. Many stomach based issues could be treated by consuming linden tea.

Blood pressure or BP gets lowered:

In this fast-paced world, one common health issue many of us have is this BP.  It is revealed that the presence of plant compounds like tiliroside, rutoisde etc in linden tea could lower our blood pressure.

Has got diuretic effects:

For promoting sweating, urine etc, lilinden tea plays an important role as a diuretic. It must be noted that diuretic is a substance that helps the body to flush out more fluid. The presence of plant compounds like quercetin, kaempferol in linden tea is responsible for this diuretic property.

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