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Want to be free from strokes issue, please avoid these foods


Posted on : 15/Aug/2019 10:01:45 AM

Fast foods are foods that are prepared and served quickly is known to us. It has been found out by a research study that people living in those places having many fast food outlets get more heart attacks etc.  

The trans- fat combined with sodium and sugar could increase the risk of getting heart diseases, weight gain and type- 2 diabetes in us.

It must be noted that strokes is a condition where poor blood supply to the brain results in cell death. Point is good nutrition with physical activity could help us to maintain healthy weight and prevent us from getting issues like heart attacks, strokes etc.

There are few foods we must avoid so that we could be free from strokes. These foods are

Bacon intake:
Type of salt cured pork, bacon is prepared from several different cuts of meat especially from pork belly. Intake of bacon could increase the BP due to high sodium in it. Point is high sodium content could increase the risk of getting strokes, heart attacks etc. Bad cholesterol or LDL increases due to saturated fats.

Pizza intake:
These days many of us consume pizzas without knowing the truth that it could result in heart attacks, strokes etc. The presence of sodium, fat and calories in pizzas could raise the risk of heart attack, strokes etc.

French fries intake:
Who doesnt like to eat French fries? They are crispy and highly irresistible. It is said that intake of French fries having lots of salt and fats could increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Diet soft drinks intake:
It is brought out that intake of diet coke could increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes etc Sometimes issues like dementia could also occur in those who consume diet coke often. Sometimes people consider diet coke as healthy alternative to sugary beverages but that is not true.