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Are you not losing your excess stomach or belly weight then it could be due to these

Posted on: 06/Aug/2019 10:04:06 AM

We could see many people around us not being able to move freely or do their work easily and it is due to excess stomach weight in them. These people get bullied by the others for their huge belly. They try various methods to get rid of the excess belly weight but in vain and end up getting frustrated.

There are few factors a person must watch out for if he/she is not losing excess weights around their stomachs inspite of doing everything correct.

Various reasons why people do not lose their excess stomach weights are

Not getting enough sleep:

This is one important factor that must be considered seriously by those having excess stomach weight in them. It must be noted that a good nights sleep is essential to lose excess weight around stomach or belly. Insufficient sleeping would secrete more ghrelin or hunger hormone and less leptin or feel full hormone. It is necessary to sleep for 6 to 8 hours.

Not counting the calories:

Sometimes we might not count the calories we consume and end up having more calories after doing workouts. It is important to burn calories than we eat for losing excess belly weights. By intake of fewer calories, a person could lose their excess belly weight.

Having stress all the time:

When stressed, people consume more calories and that could lead to excess stomach weight in them. The accumulation of fat inside us takes place by the production of cortisol and this cortisol is produced is due to high stress.

Not choosing correct exercises:

Many of us do cardio exercises to lose our excess belly weights. Though cardio helps us to lose weights but it alone cannot help us in losing the belly weights. Doing exercises that specifically focus on reducing belly weights are important.

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