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These health benefits of chicory would surely surprise many


Posted on : 12/Jul/2019 10:04:10

It is known that chicory plant is used for its buds, leaves and roots. Chicory is scientifically called as Cichorium Intybus. Information is the roots of chicory plant are fibrous and wood like and they belong to dandelion family. The presence of bright blue coloured flowers in the chicory plant is tremendous. Interesting information is chicory is also grown as forage crop for livestock.

It is important to note that the roots could be powdered and could be used as substitute for coffee. For many years, chicory roots have been used for medicinal purposes as they have many ingredients like carbohydrate, fibre, protein, energy, sugar, lipid fat, iron, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus etc.

Important health benefits of chicory are

Good for heart health:

It is well known that bad LDL is the main reason for high BP. Intake of chicory could reduce this dad LDL and BP gets controlled. Point to be noted is this LDL causes more chances of getting heart attacks and strokes as LDL block the blood flow by binding the arteries and veins. The diseases affecting our cardiovascular system would be lowered because of chicory having anti-thrombotic and anti-arrhythmic agents in them.

Good for digestive health:

The digestive process has got direct relationship with the fibres present in the dried chicory roots. It is believed that the insulin in the roots could help in combating digestive issues like bloating, gas, indigestion, acid reflux etc.

Good for weight loss:

Regulation of Ghrelin takes place by the insulin present in chicory. Constant hunger pangs are avoided in us. We could be prevented from overeating because of reduction in the levels of ghrelin.

Arthritis pain is managed:

This is also one superb health benefit of chicory. It is possible that the pain associated with osteoarthritis etc could be managed by the inflammatory properties of chicory.